React and services? Huh? 🤔

Hello dear readers, in this short tutorial we will see how “services” can be implemented in React.js application.
Why do we call them Services and not some name else? Honestly there is no right answer for this, at least in my opinion. In simple words, services are just ordinary classes which will contain functions of your own choice, so call them how you like. 💡

Let’s dig in! 🚀

We will start with fresh React application.
npx create-react-app “your-app-name”, open it with you favorite code editor, I use vs-code.

Start application with npm start and…


Hello fellow readers! In this tutorial we will see how we can perform API calls using inside React.js application.
For this we will use the useEffect() hook, and Axios library.


As always we need to have Node and NPM or Yarn installed. My versions for NPM -v (6.14.11) and Node -v (14.16.0)

Having said this we can create fresh React application.
npx create-react-app “your-app-name”. Now let’s start our fresh application with npm start. We should see this:

Hello fellow readers. In the previous article, we made backend application using .NET for our server technology and MongoDb for our database of choice. We also had a JWT Authentication, which is one of the most common ways to authenticate a user to a system. So definitely check that out 👉 here.

In this article we will use React.js library to make a nice, simple but quite handy example of how React and .Net can work together, but of course those concepts will work with basically any combination of technologies.


Before we start, we need to make sure that we…

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will show you a way to implement JWT Authentication but in this case using MongoDB driver.

First we will create new web api using dotnet cli. Open your terminal and run command: dotnet new webapp - -name=webapi.
This will create start boilerplate for our application.

Open the crafted application in your favorite code editor, I am using vs-code.
This is what you’ll get.

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